Yes, we know… they are Volvo’s!

oakhurst excavation - we dig what you're doing

No, we don’t wear tweed jackets with elbow patches, wear driving hats or drive at a snail’s pace.

We don’t wear skivvys here!

We just like to be comfortable so we can put all our energy into giving you the best possible results on your excavation job.  We also want to set ourselves apart from the rest.

Oakhurst Excavation

The name is new,
the people are not!

We have been involved in the local earthmoving industry for the last 10 years and have been pottering on the fringes with excavators and other equipment and have just recently decided to put a name to our business.  

Not only do we make big rocks into little rocks we now dig what your doing and having a cracking time while doing it.

Our Equipment

At the moment we specialize in larger machines where we saw an opportunity to put our big diggers to work.  Dad always said, “the bigger the machine the cheaper the job” and we stand by that today.  Our fleet of larger machines will get the job done at a faction of the time of a smaller machine. From dams and destumping to house pads and general earthworks we can look after you.

We have a range of late model excavation equipment ready to get started on your job.

35 tonne volvo excavator

35t Volvo Excavator

With GP, mud and trench bucket and mechanical grab

Our equipment - rock hammer

rock hammer

To suit 30 tonne

35 tonne volvo excavator

30t Volvo Excavator

With GP, mud and trench bucket and ripper

our equipment - volvo 140D truck

Volvo A40D

Articulated dump truck

our equipment - Mack Trident truck

Mack Trident

PBS truck and quad combos

But don’t fret, if you still want our expertise on a smaller job we can still deliver by supervising one of our subbies to do the digging for us.  As you know we have Volvos, so we are very particular.  Not everyone digs stuff like us so we only use a select group of subcontractors to help us out.

Now your probably still wondering, why Volvos?

It’s simple really, we have been using Volvo machines of one sort or another for around 8 years and once one of the crew get in one we cant get them out.

They are comfortable and reliable and the team love them. So that’s why I put up with my mates giving me stick about being a Volvo driver. Volvos are cool, people just don’t know it yet.

What Our Customers Say…

Comments from a few of the fabulous people who have previously worked with Oakhurst Excavation.

Just letting you know that we had close to 200mm of rain in the last week.  So much water went into the dam it went out of the second overflow you put in for us on yet there isn’t a mark on the main overflow you just fixed for us, even the road is still intact. Very impressed, nice work.

– Michelle

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Oakhurst Ex services most locations throughout the Fraser Coast from Torbanlea through to Tiaro.